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 Our Story


cooking up positive change from scratch

“In 2006, I was searching for a fresh, pre-made soup in my local grocery store. I chose a refrigerated soup, but felt a chill as I read the ingredient list: stabilizers, preservatives, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers and artificial ingredients. I was shocked. This wasn’t the simple, nourishing, homemade soup I grew up eating. How did we get so far away from real soup? How hard could it be to make soup with all organic ingredients? I started cooking for family and friends to recreate the recipes we remembered and in 2008 my efforts became Boulder Organic Foods. Since then, our scratch-made organic and gluten-free recipes have put real soup back on the table for families nationwide.”

- Kate


Our Values


Bucking Conventional

From sourcing only organic recognizable ingredients to paying a livable wage, we stick to our principles and do what we think is right.

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Crafted, Not Concocted

We make our products by hand in small batches from an actual recipe with colorful vegetables chopped by actual people. It’s comfort food from a family-owned business, not a factory.


Easy Peasy Eats

Food shouldn’t be stressful or something to repent for. We do the work of putting time, quality, energy (and even a little joy!) into each dish to free up your day.


Seed to Soul

Our food is made from the ground up. We consider the holistic impact of everything that goes into our products, so we can be better for our employees, our community, and the Earth.

Our Team


“The Boulder Organic brand and products would be nothing without the fantastic people behind the scenes. We are proud to work with a happy, inspiring and incredibly talented team. We thrive on collaboration, and make it a priority to work hard and have fun!”

- Kate